Welcome to University of Maryland Global Campus Asia. First, let me say thank you for choosing our great institution to start or continue your adult learning experience. Here in Asia, we operate under a DOD contract and have done so for over 50 years. We have enjoyed a close professional relationship with all the educational service officers. Every year, over 1000 students just like you will graduate from UMGC Asia. This is all made possible because we stand by our core values. The Core Values reflect UMGC Asia's central and enduring tenets–a set of principles to guide institutional and individual professional behaviors. At UMGC Asia, the way we do things is as important as the things we do.

Students First

These are the people who make our work possible.


We are each responsible for our overall success.


Each individual brings value to our efforts and results.


Our principles and standards are never compromised.


Outstanding quality is the hallmark of our work.


We advance so others can benefit from our leadership.


The rights and feelings of others are always considered.

Lastly, rest assured that the UMGC Asia team will do all we can do to assist you in completing your educational goals, while supporting our great country and allies here in Asia.