AMBA Course Listing

Managing Projects, Operations, and Information Systems (AMBA 640, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: AMBA 630. A study of project management, operations management, and information technology management - three key areas of modern business functional management. A guide to the project management body of knowledge is provided. Topics include the dos and don'ts of managing a project, several world-class operations management techniques (such as Six Sigma), and industry best practices in operational efficiency and effectiveness. The mission, goals, and importance of information systems management are assessed, using the student's own work organization as a model. Assignments include the development of an international information systems management plan.

Marketing Management and Innovation (AMBA 650, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: AMBA 640. An exploration of the essentials of marketing management: setting marketing goals for an organization with consideration of internal resources and marketing opportunities, planning and executing activities to meet these goals, and measuring progress toward their achievement. Focus is on the concept of innovation in business, including the introduction of new market offerings and the use of new technologies, strategies, and tactics for achieving marketing objectives. An integrative approach combines discussions on theory of marketing management with industry analysis and practical implications. Assignments include the design and marketing of innovative products, analysis of the application of modern marketing strategies and tactics using examples from participants' organizations, and practicing a holistic approach to marketing management.

Managing Global Business (AMBA 660, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: AMBA 650. A global overview of various types of business organizations and environments that shape organizational decisions. Emphasis is on the regulatory structures, legal systems, governance models, and policy making that define the internal and external functions of business at the confluence of local, state, national, and international affairs. Topics include critical thinking, international ethics, business sustainability, social responsibility, and the impact of economics and technology.

Managing Strategy in the Global Marketplace (AMBA 670, 6 Credits)
Prerequisite: AMBA 660. An investigation of strategy, value creation, and value capture in different business contexts. Currently, companies compete simultaneously in domestic, global, and electronic markets. Focus is on developing frameworks and models for understanding the structural characteristics of industries and how companies can achieve sustainable competitive advantage, taking appropriate action in these different, but concurrent, business contexts. An explicitly integrative approach is adopted, building on knowledge of the different functional areas of management gained through previous study.