Students are responsible for applying for graduation (for degrees and/or certificates) by completing the online diploma application by the published deadlines. The award of degrees and certificates is conditional upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements and compliance with all UMGC policies. Graduation clearance will not be granted for a student with an outstanding debt to UMGC or any outstanding misconduct charges or unsatisfied sanction terms. No grade of F can remain on the graduate record at the time a student applies for graduation.

Time Limitation

All requirements for the MBA degree must be completed within a five-year period, as established by the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland. The scheduled time may be computed by noting the date of admission to the Graduate School or by noting the date when credits allowed in transfer were taken, whichever is earlier. The five-year period is computed on calendar time. For exceptions to this policy, students must submit a petition to the MBA Program office.

Transfer Credit Policy

You may transfer exactly 6 credits toward this program if you earned those credits at an approved institution and the course content is equivalent to the introductory course. Fill out a Graduate Transfer Credit Evaluation to find out if your credits may transfer.