For years, University of Maryland Global Campus has been the largest provider of general education classes to Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) students worldwide. Join the thousands of servicemembers who have completed their general education requirements with UMGC. Transfer your credits to apply toward your associate's degree and continue on to complete a bachelor's degree with UMGC.

About GEM

The CCAF GEM program enables Air Force servicemembers pursuing their associate's degree to sign up for their general education requirements in a single block of courses from the same college, providing greater educational continuity and faster completion of an associate's degree.

Students take a sequence of five classes and are able to do so online or on-site. UMGC is proud to work with the Air Force and participate in the GEM program.

As part of the requirements for CCAF associate's degrees, students must take one 3-credit class in each of the five general education categories: oral communication, written communication, mathematics, social sciences, and humanities. These 15 credits - nearly a quarter of the 64 needed for the associate's degree - can be completed at UMGC. CCAF does not offer its own general education courses.

UMGC offers these courses both online and on-site to offer maximum flexibility.


  • Earn your CCAF degree with UMGC GEM courses

  • Take classes online and on-site to accommodate your schedule

  • Access student services and resources online and on-site at more than 150 worldwide locations

  • Continue your studies without interruption with required general education courses available every semester

  • Benefit from the real-world experience of our expert faculty

  • Work with military advisors who understand your needs

  • Apply for scholarships available exclusively to servicemembers

  • Earn a degree from a respected, regionally accredited institution