The dedicated Veterans Certification Office at University of Maryland Global Campus processes your enrollment certification for education benefits quickly and efficiently, and works in accordance with federal and state regulations so you can stay focused on earning your degree.

Certification of Veterans Benefits

After you've followed the steps to get started at UMGC and registered for classes, you'll need to complete the Request for Certification Form through MyUMGC, the online home of your student account. We work directly with the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide information about the classes you're taking. We certify to the VA that your courses are applicable to your degree plan and you're on track with your academic program.

If you're receiving military Tuition Assistance and veterans education benefits, duplication of benefits may be an issue. VA benefits are not allowed when Tuition Assistance pays the full course tuition.

Also, Top-Up benefits are available to some active-duty military students. The benefit amount may equal the difference between the cost of your course and the amount paid for the course through Tuition Assistance. Top-Up procedures vary depending on the benefit for which you're eligible.

If you're topping up using the Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30), you'll need to submit a copy of your TA contract to:

Buffalo Regional Office
Department of Veterans Affairs
P.O. Box 461
Buffalo, NY 14240-4616

Learn more about Top-Up benefits.

Requesting and Adjusting Certification of VA Benefits

If you wish to use VA education benefits, you must follow these instructions each registration period (fall, spring, summer) to request certification of enrollments with UMGC:

Log in to MyUMGC > Finances > Veteran Certification > Select Semester

Once submitted, the certification form will notify the UMGC VA office of the intent to use VA benefits for the current term. This form is not sent to the VA office in Buffalo.

If you enroll in any additional classes within the same term for which you have already requested certification, you must complete the "Adjust My Certification" request in the MyUMGC portal. This will inform the UMGC Asia VA office of additional enrollments.

Any cancellations, drops, or withdrawals made to enrollments will be automatically processed and reported to the VA. No further action is required on your part. However, please note that, if a payment has already been received, you may be required to reimburse the VA for any adjustment that results in an overpayment.