The Veterans Assistance Fund at University of Maryland Global Campus is designed to help student veterans enrolled at UMGC cover costs related to education when Federal financial aid and VA benefits are unavailable or exhausted. The purpose of the fund is to offset costs related to academics, completion, or transition for individuals who demonstrate financial hardship. 

Note: All Active Duty Service Members (including Guard and Reserve) must contact their Education Service Officer (ESO) or Education Counselor within your branch of service prior to enrolling in any college or university. To receive the reduced military tuition rate, you must submit documentation to verify your eligibility in accordance with the procedures for receiving the military tuition rate within 30 days after applying for admission to UMGC. If you do not submit sufficient documentation within the deadline, your tuition rate will be changed to the appropriate rate.

About the Fund

Grants are awarded on an annual basis, unless noted otherwise, and you must reapply each year if you want to continue receiving grant assistance. Each category carries a maximum amount for funds you can request.

Pillar 1: Academics

This pillar provides grant assistance for unexpected or uncovered costs associated with academic coursework, in the following categories:

  • Prior Learning: For partial or full credit charges awarded through a prior learning assessment, you can apply for up to $1,000.

  • Remedial Math: For tuition and charges associated with Introductory Algebra (3 Credits, MATH 009) or Intermediate Algebra (3 Credits, MATH 012), if taken in an online format, you can apply for up to $1,000.

Note: VA benefits do not cover the costs associated with transferring experiential learning credits awarded after a portfolio assessment or remedial classes taken in an online format. UMGC will recoup award funds for any dropped classes or 'FN' grades.

Pillar 2: Completion

This pillar provides grant assistance for unexpected or uncovered costs associated with completing your UMGC degree, in the following categories:

  • Out-of-State Chapter 30: To cover the cost difference relative to in-state tuition if you are a student veteran who is enrolled in a graduate program, pays out-of-state tuition, and receives Chapter 30: Montgomery GI Bill®1® benefits, you can apply for up to $1,700.

  • Out of State Chapter 33: To cover the cost difference relative to in-state tuition if you are a student veteran who pays out-of-state tuition, receives Chapter 33: Post-9/11 GI Bill®® benefits, and are not eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program, you can apply for up to $2,200.

  • Final Semester: For costs associated with your last semester if you have exhausted your Federal financial aid and VA entitlement and are enrolled in the final courses you need to complete your program, you can apply for up to $3,000.

  • Accessibility: For fees and tuition recoupment and/or housing allowance benefit recoupment by the VA if you are a student veteran withdrawing from a course due to reasons of mental health or other issues associated with accessibility, you can apply for up to $3,000. This is a one-time only award.

Note: UMGC will recoup award funds for any dropped classes or 'FN' grades, with possible exceptions for those applying under the Accessibility category.

Pillar 3: Transition

This pillar provides grant assistance for unexpected or uncovered costs associated with transitioning to a new career, in the following category:

  • Internship: For supplementary income if you are actively participating in an internship program, you can apply for up to $3,000.


To apply for the Veterans Assistance Fund, you must

  • Be currently enrolled at UMGC

  • Be a veteran of the U.S. military

  • Have completed at least 9 undergraduate credits or 6 graduate credits

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 as an undergraduate student or 3.0 as a graduate student

  • Have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • Demonstrate financial hardship

If you are applying for the Accessibility category under the Completion pillar (see About the Fund), you do not have to meet the minimum credits requirement. However, you must contact the Office of Accessibility and complete a student intake form prior to applying for assistance under that category.

How to Apply

If you meet all eligibility requirements to apply for the fund, please e-mail to request an application. You can apply for a total of up to $3,000 per academic year, across multiple pillars and categories, if you choose. Complete the application and send it back to the same e-mail address, along with any supporting documentation requested. As part of your application, you will need to

  • Submit a copy of your DD Form 214 to verify your veteran status

  • Write a short statement demonstrating your financial hardship and its relation to the category or categories you select in your application

  • Provide supporting documentation, such as a bill or invoice

Applications are reviewed throughout the year, so there is no application deadline or window.

Review and Disbursement Process

Once you complete and send in your application, it will be reviewed by the Veterans Assistance Fund selection committee within 10 business days of submission and you will be informed of your application's acceptance, acceptance with modified award amount, or denial. There is no appeal process once you receive your decision, but you may apply again if your circumstances have changed or in the next academic year.

If you are chosen to receive an award, you will be informed when the funds are disbursed to your student account.

Note for Donors

If you are a student, graduate, staff member, or faculty member or are otherwise interested in contributing to the educational experience of our student veterans, you can make a donation to the Veterans Assistance Fund by visiting the UMGC Veterans Donation Campaign webpage. Every penny counts! All proceeds will go toward our goal of ensuring the academic and professional success of student veterans at UMGC.

GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. More information about education benefits offered by VA is available on the U.S. government GI Bill website.