For 70 years, University of Maryland Global Campus has been the leading provider of education to the U.S. military overseas. UMGC is one of 11 regionally accredited, degree-granting institutions in the University System of Maryland (USM). The university brings quality higher education wherever the military needs it, with cutting-edge degree programs and classes offered both online and on-site at military installations worldwide. As the first university to serve warriors overseas, UMGC has earned a global reputation for excellence. Headquartered in Adelphi, Maryland, UMGC has on-site classroom locations in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Offering both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, UMGC Asia's mission is to provide top quality education and services to U.S. military communities in Asia and the Pacific. 

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UMGC: A Military Heritage

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A Distinguished History

As the first university to serve warriors overseas, serving the military is part of our DNA. After World War II, the U.S. military decided it was a necessity to provide higher education opportunities to servicemembers stationed in Europe. UMGC was the only university willing to rise to the challenge, initially sending seven faculty members to teach classes throughout Germany in 1949. Since then, thousands of servicemembers, their family members, and civilians stationed overseas have earned degrees with UMGC Asia or Europe. Today, the university continues to send faculty and staff wherever needed, including downrange. In fact, UMGC was the first university to have boots on the ground teaching on-site classes in Iraq.

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