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Find out how to enroll and register for courses at UMGC Asia.

UMGC Asia conducts five sessions of eight-week duration each academic year, as well as various sessions to accommodate military exercises or deployments. The academic year begins in late August and ends the following mid-August. Session dates for the current academic year are listed on our Academic Calendar. Undergraduate on-site and online classes are generally eight weeks long. On-site classes are usually held on or near military installations and registration is held at education centers or online at MyUMGC.

Further information about on-site and online schedules, session dates, and registration can be found on the UMGC Asia web site at Schedules or at MyUMGC.

Official Registration

Note: The UMGC Asia nonrefundable application fee is not covered by Army TA. This fee must be paid in MyUMGC or at your local field office.

All other students must:

  • Complete an eApplication online at MyUMGC and pay the nonrefundable application fee when registering for the first time

  • Register online through MyUMGC or contact their UMGC Asia Program Coordinator

  • Complete and process the appropriate forms if receiving government tuition assistance (TA) or VA education benefits

  • Pay all fees in full prior to the first class meeting

Waiting List

If a class is already full at the time of registration, students have the option of placing names on a waiting list for that class.

Waiting list policies

Regardless of how the student registers, the following policies apply:

  • Students may not attend a class for which they are on the waiting list.

  • If a space becomes available, the first student on the waiting list will automatically be registered for it, and the charge will appear on his or her account. The student may receive an e-mail notifying the student of the enrollment. If that student is ineligible for enrollment (because he or she has not met prerequisites or is enrolled in another class that conflicts in time), the space will go to the next person on the waiting list.

Students who no longer want a class should remove their name from the waiting list to prevent the possibility of automatic enrollment and being charged for the class.

Course Load

For official data, full-time enrollment is defined as 12 or more credits per term and half-time as 6-11 credits per term. One course, or three credit hours during a session, is considered a normal course load for a student who is fully employed. This course load will require at least six hours of class time per week and 12 or more hours per week of additional out-of-class study time. Therefore students should carefully and realistically assess other commitments before registering for more than 3 credits a session.

In no case may a student register for more than 18 credits a term (fall: August-December; spring: January-May; summer: June-July) without prior permission from the UMGC Asia Director of Student Services or Associate Director of Student Services. All requests must be accompanied by a recommendation from a UMGC Academic Advisor. Permission to register for more than 18 credits is based on demonstrated academic excellence at UMGC. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 and an enrollment history indicating success in carrying a heavier-than-average course load at UMGC are required. No student may register for courses whose scheduled meeting times overlap.

Enrollment Verification

UMGC participates in the National Student Clearinghouse which, in turn, supplies verification of enrollment to lending agencies. UMGC reports enrollment data on students to the clearinghouse two times each month. Enrollment data is provided for all students who are enrolled in classes, whether they are attending full-time, half-time, or less than half-time, as well as for students who are considered to have withdrawn from the university. UMGC also reports degree information, including graduation date, for students who have completed an academic program. 

Current students may request enrollment verification through MyUMGC for free. Enrollment Verification letters used for demonstrating eligibility for dependency, or full child care eligibility are available by contacting the UMGC Asia Sr. Assoc. Registrar's Office at . Letters will generally take 48 hours to be prepared and are done on a first come - first served basis; and can either be sent by postal mail or picked up at your local UMGC office.

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