Undergraduate Classes

You can complete most UMGC undergraduate degrees without purchasing textbooks. Electronic resources are available at no cost and are immediately available through your LEO classroom.

Depending on the course, these open educational resources (OERs) may include electronic textbooks, lectures, websites, and selected documents and media. Program chairs and faculty members have customized these materials to be more relevant to your course and includes the latest industry information.

  • Online classes: A few select online courses do require the use of specific software or content that require a purchase, particularly CMIT courses and some lab courses. When you register for other online courses, the link on the class schedule and the link within each syllabus leads to the MBS ordering system. These will have electronic sources embedded within the LEO classroom.

  • On-site classes: Most of your on-site classes will use no-cost electronic resources.

    • Japanese and Korean language classes – course materials provided.

    • Science labs - manuals provided.

    • CMIT courses - certifications require purchasing the testing materials.

      • Visit TestOut

      • Click the “purchase” link in the top ribbon

      • Enter Price Code: 14-344TA

CMIT 202:

TestOut PC Pro

CMIT 265:

TestOut Network Pro

CMIT 320:

TestOut Security Pro

Graduate Classes

You can complete your UMGC graduate degree without paying for a single textbook. We've replaced nearly every textbook for graduate courses with no-cost electronic resources. As with undergraduate course materials, these electronic resources are tailored to each course and are immediately available through your LEO classroom.