Foreign Evaluation Procedure for students:

UMGC Asia students will be required to request and submit their evaluations of foreign credentials from one of the approved agencies listed below. All are independent and not affiliated with UMGC.

To request an evaluation of your foreign documents, please follow the list below:

  • Follow the specific instructions of the agency.
  • Include full payment as instructed by the agency.
  • Mail completed forms and payment directly to the agency, not to UMGC.

To assist in our evaluation of your record, we request that a copy of your documents and translations also be sent to UMGC at the following address: University of Maryland Global Campus, 3501 University Blvd. East, Adelphi, MD 20783, USA

Some of the organizations listed below do general evaluations (also known as document-by-document) that state the educational levels or total hours attained. In order to transfer individual classes, students need to request a course-by-course evaluation so every class is evaluated for transfer.

*UMGC reserves the right to determine acceptability and/or placement of international academic credit. Evaluation by an international evaluation agency does not guarantee acceptance or use in the UMGC degree.

International Education & Research Foundation (IERF)

Phone: +1-310-258-9451

World Education Services (WES)

Phone: +1-212-966-6311

International Education Evaluations, LLC

Application: IEE Online Application
Phone: +1-704-772-0109


Application: Online SpanTran Application Form
Phone: +1-646-475-2570

Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.

Website: Foreign Credential Evaluations
Application: JS&A Foreign Credential Evaluation Application PDF Form
Phone: +1-305-273-1616

Please contact your local academic advisor for questions and details.