Army TA and registration is available at All active-duty, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve students are eligible to request TA and to enroll online.


Register now

For the current academic calendar, check the schedule of classes online or check with your local UMGC Program Coordinator for the courses offered in your area. GoArmyEd numbers are listed for each UMGC Asia course. Registration opens in the GoArmyEd portal eight weeks prior to course start dates.

When registering in the GoArmyEd portal, choose the college — University of Maryland Global Campus-Asia — as well as the upcoming term for a listing of available UMGC classes. GoArmyEd terms include Jan-Mar, April-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec. Courses are sorted by start date. For example, classes beginning in August would be listed under the Jul-Sep term.

Please remember to check the section number when registering for courses:

  • sections starting with an "A" are Asia on-site courses;
  • sections with only "numbers" are UMGC Stateside online courses available to Asia students.

If you have questions or if we can assist in any way, please feel free to contact us at

Don't have a GoArmyEd account?

If you are a new UMGC Asia Army student without a GoArmyEd account:

  1. If you do not already have an account, you must request a GoArmyEd login by choosing the New Users tab at
  2. The New Users tab will guide you through the processes necessary to obtain a login and establish a GoArmyEd account. This does not obligate you to take GoArmyEd or any other college courses.
  3. Visit the local UMGC Asia Program Coordinator office to get information about the available certificate and degree plans.
  4. Contact your education services officer or counselor to choose UMGC Asia as your home college, select your degree plan, and turn in the TA Statement of Understanding (SOU).
  5. Complete the GoArmyEd "Soldier Quick Start Training."

Apply for a program or certificate once you've established a GoArmyEd account.

To enroll in an undergraduate course:

  1. Complete the Common Application online through the GoArmyEd portal, which will be reviewed by a UMGC Asia official to ensure you meet the admissions requirements.
  2. Request official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities, test results (CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior College Exams), and appropriate military documents be sent directly to UMGC Stateside. This allows us to complete your student agreement prior to you completing 6 credits with the university.
  3. Pay the $50 undergraduate application fee through MyUMGC.
  4. Enroll for and request TA for UMGC Asia classes using the GoArmyEd portal. Your local UMGC Asia Program Coordinator can provide you with the GoArmyEd class numbers from our schedules for classes in your area to make course selection easier. You will be contacted through the GoArmyEd portal if your enrollment request is rejected for any reason.
  5. Contact the UMGC Asia Program Coordinator for information about textbooks and ordering them for your class(es).

Completing a Degree at UMGC Asia

Student agreements must be completed prior to completing six semester hours with the university.

Request official transcripts from all previously attended colleges or universities, test results (CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior College Exams), and appropriate military documents be sent directly to UMGC Adelphi undergraduate or graduate programs. This allows us to complete your student agreement prior to you completing six credits with the university.

The university will automatically be notified of the date your student agreement is due. Please do not submit a request for an official evaluation for the program listed in your GoArmyEd portal. Remember, until all documents for an undergraduate official evaluation or for graduate admission are received at UMGC Stateside Headquarters from the issuing institution, your student agreement cannot be posted to the portal. Please request your documents as soon as possible so your ability to use Army TA is not interrupted.

A listing of the undergraduate programs available through UMGC Asia is found on the GoArmyEd portal. Please select the letter U, as the schools are listed alphabetically. You will find all of the undergraduate offerings listed under University of Maryland Global Campus Asia.

Withdraw from courses using the GoArmyEd portal.

If you need to withdraw from a class using the GoArmyEd portal, the withdrawal must be done online through The withdrawal will be forwarded to UMGC Asia for processing. The published UMGC Asia withdrawal policy will be used to determine any refund as well as your grade for the course.

  • If you withdraw for personal reasons, you will be required to repay the TA. Repayment procedures will be initiated by GoArmyEd, and will take place through an automated feed between GoArmyEd and Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).
  • If you withdraw for military reasons, unit commander information will be required along with the military reason for withdrawal. The request is subject to verification. If the military reason is approved, TA repayment will be waived. All information and transactions occur online through GoArmyEd.

More information

The GoArmyEd website provides a portal allowing you to process your enrollments, submit your grades, verify and prepare invoices for payment, and access centralized support for troubleshooting in one location. also contains important information about Army TA processes and policies. This service offers a sense of one-stop shopping, allowing you to manage many aspects of your education and tuition assistance yourself, knowing that UMGC Asia will provide you with any additional assistance you need along the way. For additional information, please check the UMGC Asia School Page on the GoArmyEd portal.

Feel free to visit your local UMGC Asia Program Coordinator or contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about this new program. We look forward to working with you through GoArmyEd.