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Asia-wide Virtual Classes

The virtual class modality will bring offerings to students across all of UMGC Asia’s contract locations in a synchronous format, also utilizing the LEO classroom, to supplement our existing formats of face-to-face, hybrid, hybrid live-streaming, and online. Please see a listing of format definitions for our classes, below.

How does the Asia-wide virtual class format work?

Students from across all of UMGC Asia’s contract locations are eligible to enroll in one of the courses being offered in this virtual format. The virtual class will meet on its scheduled day and time in a synchronous two-way video platform. Students and faculty do not physically meet in a classroom – the course will remain in a synchronous virtual two-way video environment for its scheduled meeting day and time, and online for the hybrid portion, for the duration of the class.

Why should I consider this format?

This format offers the benefits of having access to your instructor and classmates, in real-time, without having to leave your home and attend class in a physical classroom.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to take classes they may not see on their local schedule of classes while providing an additional option to the online format.

Important consideration for our students using Veterans Benefits

These virtual, synchronous two-way video classes will be considered distance for certification purposes, since students and faculty will not be meeting in-person in classrooms. Faculty and students in each virtual class could all be at different locations throughout the Asia division.

UMGC Asia’s virtual class schedule

Please visit the Asia Virtual Class Schedule to see the classes available this term.

Contact your local UMGC Asia site to find out if one of these classes will help you get one step closer to your degree!

Class Format Definitions

Face-to-Face: Class meets Face-to-Face for in-person instruction. Work is done and instructional content is delivered all in the physical classroom. This class format utilizes LEO for access to OERs (Online Educational Resources) and logging into the LEO classroom is not necessary for students to complete any course work.

Hybrid: Class meets Face-to-Face at least once per week for in-person instruction. Work is done and content is delivered both in the physical classroom, synchronously, and the LEO classroom, asynchronously. Students submit assignments and discussion posts in the LEO classroom, where resources are also available to supplement the lecture, which happens during face to face meetings.

Hybrid Live-stream: The same format as Hybrid, live-streaming sections are two classes at different physical locations that are combined into an A section (host) and S section (remote) and posted to the schedule of classes for each location. One instructor is assigned to teach the combined class and meets on-site in a classroom with students at the host location and uses a “Live-streaming Kit” to stream live video and audio from the host classroom to the remote classroom, where students meet at the other location.

Virtual Meets via Zoom (due to COVID-19): Some Face-to-Face, Hybrid, and Hybrid Live-streaming courses have temporarily shifted to synchronous, alternative delivery in response to military command guidance on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), physical distancing requirements, and our continued focus on the health and safety of students, employees, alumni, and guests. When it is safe to return to the classroom, these classes will shift from the synchronous, alternative delivery to their originally scheduled formats: Face-to-face, Hybrid, or Hybrid Live-streaming.

For students using VA benefits, be aware that President Biden has signed into law a bill that will allow students who have transitioned from hybrid to virtual (via Zoom) instruction as a result of the declared national emergency to continue to receive their full VA benefits, including the in-residence housing allowance. UMGC is working with the VA and no action is required by any UMGC student using VA educational benefits already certified by the university through June 1, 2022.

Virtual (Two-way video): The Virtual format is similar to a Hybrid class, except for three notable differences:

  1. Students and faculty do not physically meet in a classroom – they join class from home via Zoom at the scheduled day and time in a synchronous format. The remaining coursework is completed online in the LEO classroom, asynchronously.
  2. Because the class is not tethered to a location, students from across the division may register for access this class format.
  3. Lastly, because students join class meetings without being in a physical classroom, those using Veterans Benefits will have to certify as distance.

Online: This is an asynchronous class that is fully offered online and self-contained in the LEO classroom.