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Forms, Resources, & Tips
for Accessibility Services

Find the forms and resources you need to begin the accessibility accommodations process at UMGC.

The Office of Accessibility Services at University of Maryland Global Campus provides you with easy access to forms and resources to help you get started with the accessibility accommodations process.

We encourage students to submit all documentation electronically. There may be a slight delay in processing medical documentation if it is mailed to the office.

Accessibility Forms

Any student who works with Accessibility Services must complete the following forms:

These verification forms are only required if you do not have other documentation:

Self-Advocacy for Accessibility

Advocacy skills are needed in many areas of our lives, including school, work and home. Becoming an effective self-advocate means having the ability to effectively communicate your needs to others.

Rights & Responsibilities

Accommodation Examples

Accommodations may take many forms and generally can be grouped into three broad categories.

Examples of Accommodations Not Made

UMGC is not required to provide every accommodation that a student may request. Students should note that the requirements for accommodations for post-secondary education are different from the requirements for high school, and the accommodations themselves may differ. The student’s preferences are considered but are not determining.

The university is not required to provide personal assistants, individual personal tutors, coaches or personal assistive technology. Whenever possible, AS will refer students to agencies that may provide personal assistance of that nature.

The university is not required to make, and does not make, accommodations that would reduce academic expectations or standards or eliminate essential components of any course. Open-book tests or exams are not provided as an accommodation but may be a part of any particular instructor’s methodology for instruction and testing.

Contact Accessibility Services

Contact us to get more information or ask any additional questions about our services at U.S. locations.

Contact UMGC Asia Student Services or UMGC Europe Student Services to learn more about accessibility services at our overseas divisions.